After “like, the year of just realizing stuff” (Jenner 2016), we’ve finally reached the end. December is a month of celebration. We’ve braved through the bad, reminisced about the good, and now it’s finally time to wrap it all up.

December is a month of eating too much, drinking before 5pm, and spending time with people you (mostly) like. This time of year can be a bit of a paradox; there will be a lot of evenings wrapped in ten blankets, exhausted and unlikely to be going anywhere but bed. But up until New Years’, you will probably be inundated with nights full of the potential for decadence and debauchery.  This month’s theme is about embracing the gluttony of December. Be it from the comfort of your lounge with friends, seven types of cheese, and a bottle of port… Or traipsing the streets in formal wear and a paper hat.

‘Decadence’ brings to mind all the best things. Extravagance, indulgence, hedonism, generosity. Food, sex, money, and a general sense of exhilaration – the kinds of thing that fuel the most opulent and grandiose works of art and writing. I think to some extent, everyone is drawn in by the idea of excess and debauchery. Even if The Dead Poet’s Society is more your cup of tea than The Bullingdon Club, we’d probably join a secret society in a heartbeat.

The theme is always open to interpret as you find appropriate. Use it as a prompt, but not a strict directive. We accept all kinds of submissions: short pieces of prose, poetry, photography, think-pieces, articles – just send us an email at


Aneeqa Munir – Editor


Image: Eyes Wide Shut, Stanley Kubrick (1999)