The summer is slowly drawing to a close and suddenly we’re all faced with the looming transition back to our academic lives. For some of us, that means readjusting to the way of life we’ve had too many (and not enough) weeks away from. For some, with September comes the start of something entirely unexperienced and a departure from the very familiar. September feels like it is full of excitement and possibility. We’re snapping out of the lethargy that has inevitable set upon most of us after a three-and-a-half-month break. We’re excited for timetables and classes, decorating our musty student rooms just off Gloucester Road, and terrible but consequently terrific nights out. The transitionary period, before those same things we look forward to dissipate into the mundane materials of our everyday life, are what makes September so momentous.

To celebrate the second academic year of Cellar Door’s online presence, we thought bringing back our very first theme would be appropriate. ‘Beginnings & Endings’ reflects some of the sentiments intertwined with September. When I think of ‘Beginnings & Endings’, I think of time and transience. Beginnings can be exciting and scary. Endings can be bittersweet, heartbreaking but also a relief. It always feels hard to let go of everything that you’ve grown accustomed to: be that a person, place, idea, or some other type of noun. 

The theme is always fairly open to interpret as you find appropriate. Use it as a prompt, but not a strict directive. We accept all kinds of submissions: short pieces of prose, poetry, photography, think-pieces, articles – just send us an email at


Aneeqa Munir – Editor

Image: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind dir. Michael Gondry (2004)