A relationship is like growing a garden,
from seed to bloom,
You tend and groom,
never knowing when,
A blossom may sprout, or a weed pop out,
You look at the overall scene,
pay attention to what you preen,
You cultivate and navigate.
You plant the seeds and nurture and grow,
focus on what to shine and show,
The fruit of love’s labour invested – You sleep well nested,
In a garden developed through a labour of love,
No effort more worthy can one think of.

A garden is like a relationship, you guide it along through different seasons,
You experience blooms and droughts for various reasons.
Sometimes a thought gets planted in your mind,
It spreads subtly, it grows and before you know,
You’re entrenched in a philosophy of some kind.

You plant what you will and some dreams you fulfill,
Those dreams you don’t reach, don’t let them leach
into the rest of you’re thoughts,
Or your gardening’s for naught.
The mind will certainly feel ill.

Image: The Hyacinth Fields In Bloom At The Van by Adrien Louis Demont